Unit 1 1. 多爾蒂先生和他的家人目前正在農場忙于秋收: Mr. Doherty and his family are currently engaged in getting the autumn harvest in on the farm. 2. 我們不能低估敵人,他們裝備了最先進的武器: We must not underestimate the enemy. They are equipped with the most sophisticated weapons. 3. 菲爾已三個月沒有找到工作了,正變得越來越絕望: Having been cut of a job/Not having had a job for 3months, Phil is getting increasingly desperate. 4. 作為項目經理,山姆辦事果斷,工作效率高,且判斷準確: Sam, as the project manager, is decisive, efficient, and accurate in his judgment. 5. 既然已證實這家化工廠是污染源,村委會決定將其關閉,為此損失了一百個工作崗位: Since the chemical plant was identif as the source of solution, the village neighborhood committee decided to close it down at the cost of 100 jobs. 攻勢已經持續了三天,但是我們并沒有取得多少進展。



然而,要繞到敵人 后方,我們必須越過一片沼澤地(MARSHLAND)。




幸運的是,夜間溫度突然下降到攝氏零下 20 度,爛泥地都結上 了冰。



敵人沒有戒備,不久 便投降了。

The offensive had already lasted three days,but we had not gained much ground.Our troops engaging the enemy at the fr ont were faced with strong/fierce/stiff resistance.The division commander instructed our battalion to get around to the rea r of the enemy and launch a surprise attack.To do so,we had to cross marshland and many of us were afraid we might get bogged down in the mud.Our battalion commander decided to take a gamble.We started under cover of darkness and pres sed on in spite of great difficulties.By a stroke of luck,the temperature at night suddenly dropped to minus 20 degrees Cel sius and the marsh froze over.Thanks to the cold weather,we arrived at our destination before dawn and began attacking t he enemy from the rear.This turned the tide of the battle.The enemy,caught off guard,soon surrendered. Unit 2 1. 空氣中有一種不尋常的寂靜,只有遠處響著大炮的聲音: There was an unusual quietness in the air, except for the sound of artillery in the distance. 2. 在某些非洲國家城市的擴展已引起生活水平相當大的下降和社會問題的增多: 3. The expansion of urban areas in some African countries has been causing a significant fall in living standards and an increase in social problem. 3. 研究表明大氣中的二氧化碳的含量與全球溫度密切相關: 4. The research shows that atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are closely correlated with global temperatures. 4. 最近公共汽車的車輛行駛頻率已有改善,從 15 分鐘縮短到 12 分鐘一班: The frequency of the bus service has been improved from 15 to 12 minutes recently. 5. 那位跳水運動員立在跳水板邊沿,只等教練發出信號便會立刻跳下: The diver stood on the edge of the diving board, poised to jump at the signal from the coach. 汽車在二十世紀改變了世界,尤其是在美國和其他工業國家。

汽車確實對我們大有用處,但也帶來了一些危 害,比如聲音污染、空氣污染以及公路死亡事故。


可慶 幸的是,現代發明家們正在重新發明汽車。

新的推進系統(PROPULSION SYSTEM)、燃料、設計以及制造汽 車的手段在過去的十年中得到迅速發展。

例如,通過使用衛星輔助的全球定位系統,汽車里的計算機能給汽車精 確定位;隨著遙感器的應用,智能汽車能排除不少汽車事故。

Automobiles changed the world during the 20th century,particularly in the United States and other industrialised nations. They are indeed of great use to us,but they brought some hazards as well,such as noise and air pollution,and highway fat alities.It is reported that automobile accidents rank among the leading causes of death and injury throughout the world.Fo

rtunately modern innovators are reinventing the automobile.New propulsion systems,fuels,designs,and means of manufa cturing cars have all developed rapidly in the past decade.For example,by using the satellite-aided global positioning syst em (GPS),a computer in the automobile can locate the vehicle's precise position,and with the application of sensors,smart cars can eliminate most car accidents. Unit 3 1. 盡管在此次緊急迫降中, 飛機跑道不夠長, 但經驗老到的飛行員還是讓飛機滑行了很短一段時間后就停了下來: Despite the inadequate length of the airstrip in this emergency landing, the veteran pilot managed to stop the plane after taxiing for only a short while. 2. 在記者反復追問下,該影星終于說漏了嘴,承認自己做過兩次整容手術: Grilled by the reporters, the movie star eventually blurted (out) that she had undergone two plastic surgeries. 3. 我們有技術,我們的合伙人有資金。

一起干,我們就掌握了未來: We have the technology and our partner has the capital. Working together, we’ll have the future in our hands. 4. 要是我事先知道你會帶這么多朋友回家,我會好好準備的。

你看,我現有的食品和飲料連小吃一頓都不大夠: If I had known beforehand that you would bring so many friends home, I would have made better preparations. You see, I have barely enough food and drinks for a snack. 5. 當人們得知地震災區將要建造結構更牢固的新校舍時,紛紛慷慨解囊: People gave generously upon learning that new school rooms with stronger structures were to be built in the earthquake-stricken area. 常言道,好的開端是成功的一半。


我認為,事先作不 作準備常常會影響求職者的成功機會。


他根據自己的經歷告訴我說,那些對未來的 雇員具有錄用決定權的人喜歡有充分準備的人。


Well begun is half done,as the saying goes.It is extremely important for a job applicant to do his homework while seekin g employment.From my standpoint,whether or not one has done his homework clearly makes a difference in his chance o f success. I have a friend who is earning somewhere in the neighbourhood of 100 thousand dollars a year in a large computer softw are company.He told me that from his own experience the decision makers who interview prospective employees like pe ople who are well prepared.Those who make no endeavour to learn as much about his prospective employer as possible d on't have much of a chance of success Unit 4 1. 因為約翰不看好歐洲經濟,所以把資產轉移到了歐洲以外的其他地方 Due to his pessimistic outlook on the European economy, John has moved his assets from Europe to elsewhere. 2. 我喜歡雇傭年輕人。

他們愿意學習,而且忠于職守: I like hiring young people. They are earnest learners and committed to work. 3. 瑪麗和她那些以自己孩子為中心的女友們不同,更在意個人成長: Unlike her girl friends who center their lives on their children, Mary cares more about her personal growth. 4. 有一大批同事們和你意見不合,這是怎么回事: Why is it that a considerable number of colleagues are at odds with you? 5. 中國出臺了一系列政策以加強同發展中國家的合作: The Chinese government has introduced a variety of policies to strengthen cooperation with developing countries. 亨廷頓(Huntington)教授的論文使我深受啟發。


關鍵 在于怎樣正確對待不同意見,使之發揮建設性、而非破壞性的作用。


如果某些群體自視 高人一等,不尊重其他種族或宗教,那么整個社會有可能陷入癱瘓。

我相信,要是我們把上述想法付諸實踐,那 我們就有可能創造出一種新的文明。

Professor Huntington's paper greatly inspired me.According to him,in a plural/pluralistic society,there will inevitably be

different opinions.The key is to deal with them in such a way that they can play a constructive rather than destructive rol e. He argues that in a plural society we must attach importance to interpersonal relationships,cooperation,and looking at issues from the perspective of other people.If some groups regard themselves as superior and treat other ethnic groups or religions with disrespect,the whole society may be paralysed. Unit 5 1. 我的直覺是亨利會設法參加這次探險,因為他有一點冒險家的氣質: I have an instinct that Henry will seek to join the expedition, because he is something of an adventurer. 2. 即使置身于一個嘈雜的環境中,他也能堅持做手頭的工作: He is capable of sticking to the task at hand, even if he is exposed to noises. 3. 這個商標是依據迄今有效的法律注冊的: The trademark was registered in accordance with the laws hitherto in force. 4. 奇怪的是,許多人資源幫助組織會議,但是只有少數幾人到場: Oddly enough, many people volunteered to help organize the meeting, but only a few turned up. 5. 老師那充滿關愛的話語,以及坦誠的評價改變了邁克對于社會和他自己的看法: The teacher’s affectionate words, along with his candid comments, changed the way Mike perceived the society and himself. 就我來說,如果要雇個職員我肯定不會單憑他的長相就作出決定。


比如說吧,要是你 憑外表去判斷諸如毛姆筆下的愛德華·海德·伯頓這樣的人,你就錯了。

從外表和舉止來看,伯頓好像是個渾然 一體的人。


他文雅坦率,和藹可親,許多人都說他是個世 上最令人尊敬的人。


他侮辱和愚弄山窮水盡的倫尼,讓他去做那樣的蠢 事。



For my own part,I should certainly hesitate to hire a clerk on his face/appearance alone.Appearances are all too often deceptive.For instance,you might well commit an error in judgement if you went by appearance only with people like Edward Hyde Burton,the character created by Maugham.As far as appearance and manners were concerned,Burton seemed a man all of a piece.He was a tiny little fellow with white hair and mild blue eyes.Kind,gentle and candid,he was described by many as one of the most respectable people on earth.Nevertheless,he turned out to be cruel to a friend in need of his help.He insulted and fooled Turner who was down and out and made him commit himself to an insane venture.What was still more surprising was that he was completely indifferent to Turner's death.Without doubt,Burton was a man with a heart of stone Unit 6 1. 他們正在探索醫學研究的新領域,試圖治療那些目前還無藥可治的疾病: They are exploring the new frontiers of medical science in an attempt to find remedies for incurable diseases/ cures for diseases that are beyond remedy so far. 2. 我的數學老師威爾遜女士不僅教學方法獨特,而且她從不試圖往我腦海里硬塞知識: Her unique teaching methods apart, Ms Wilson, my math teacher, never tr to cram knowledge into my head. 3. 電視臺的定時天氣預報使得我們旅行時不管走到哪兒都能知道天氣的變化: 4. The regular weather forecast by the Central TV Station keeps us up with the changes of weather wherever we go on a trip. 4. 可怕的引起了一場大火,并造成這棟大樓部分坍塌: The appalling explosion started a big fire and caused the partial collapse of the building. 5. 在現代社會里,浪費時間的方式比以往任何時候都要多,各種各樣的娛樂消遣正在吞噬我們寶貴的時間: In the modern world, there are more ways than ever to waste away time, and all kinds of distractions are eating into our precious time. 無疑,我們現在處于持續的壓力之下,要長時間工作,要創造更多,擁有更多,從而成為一名成功人士。

于是乎, 工作狂(WORKAHOLISM)——一種現在癖(ADDICTION),就這樣出現了。




研 究表明,工作狂往往使我們與家人的關系疏遠。

它會迫使我們長時間地勞作,僅留微乎其微的時間與我們所愛的 人聚在一起、交流感情。


There is no question that today we are under constant pressure to work longer hours,to produce more,to possess more,an d to become a success.Workaholism,a modern addiction,has thus arisen.The cause of workaholism is the perception that by working longer hours and completing more projects,we will enhance our self-worth. Many women today feel the same stress to produce and get ahead and,at the same time,to nurture their offspring and sho ulder a variety of domestic responsibilities. Research shows that workaholism tends to distance us from immediate families.It forces us labour longer and longer hou rs,leaving a minute fraction of time to be physically and emotionally available to our loved ones.Intimacy among family members is doomed to die in the process.

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